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Yemen (i/ˈjɛmən/; Arabic: اليَمَن al-Yaman), officially known as the Republic of Yemen (الجمهورية اليمنية al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah), is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen is the second largest country in the peninsula, occupying 527,970 km2 (203,850 sq mi). The coastline stretches for about 2,000 km (1,200 mi). It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south, and Oman to the east. Although Yemen's constitutionally stated capital is the city of Sana'a, the city has been under rebel control since February 2015. Because of this, Yemen's capital has been temporarily relocated to the port city of Aden, on the southern coast. Yemen's territory includes more than 200 islands; the largest of these is Socotra.

Yemen was the home of the Sabaeans (biblical Sheba), a trading state that flourished for over a thousand years and probably also included parts of modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea. In 275 AD, the region came under the rule of the later Jewish influenced Himyarite Kingdom. Christianity arrived in the 4th century AD whereas Judaism and local paganism were already established. Islam spread quickly in the 7th century and Yemenite troops were crucial in the expansion of the early Islamic conquests. Administration of Yemen has long been notoriously difficult. Several dynasties emerged from the 9th to 16th century, the Rasulid being the strongest and most prosperous. The country was divided between the Ottoman and British empires in the early 20th century. The Zaydi Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen was established after World War I in North Yemen before the creation of Yemen Arab Republic in 1962. South Yemen remained a British protectorate until 1967. The two Yemeni states united to form the modern republic of Yemen in 1990.

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The best route to ending the humanitarian disaster in Yemen

CNN 06 May 2021
Neither will they change the fact that a ceasefire plan backed by the Biden administration and the Saudis has been rejected by the Houthi rebels who took control of the capital Sanaa in September 2014, with Yemen's president going into exile when the Saudi bombing campaign started in early 2015....

The six key takeaways from the G7 meeting

The National 05 May 2021
The group called on the regime to refrain from further use of chemical weapons and said they were firmly committed to accountability for those responsible for the use of such arms and breaches of international law. Yemen ... The G7 also committed to work together to further a common understanding of how existing international law applies to cyber space....

The six key takeaways from the G7 summit

The National 05 May 2021
The group called on the regime to refrain from further use of chemical weapons and said they were firmly committed to accountability for those responsible for the use of chemical weapons and violations of international law. Yemen. The ongoing conflict in Yemen, with its ......

Biden faces GOP handcuffs and Dem skeptics on Iran deal 2.0

Yahoo Daily News 03 May 2021
officials in Vienna, there are some early positive signs about the regime’s willingness to deal, including its recent engagement with its longtime foe Saudi Arabia on issues of importance to the Biden administration, such as a ceasefire in Yemen....

UAE and Bahrain condemn Houthi drone attack on Saudi city

Arab News 02 May 2021
The UAE and Bahrain have condemned the Houthi militia over the latest drone attack on Saudi Arabia launched from Yemen ... near the border with Yemen....

International conference on law and armed conflicts to be held in Qom

Tehran Times 02 May 2021
A conference on Yemen war and International Law of Armed Conflicts to be held in Qom on 06 May 2021 ... ....

Security Council strongly condemns attacks against critical civilian infrastructure, unanimously adopting Resolution 2573 (2021)

Reliefweb 29 Apr 2021
Describing such acts as flagrant violations of international humanitarian law, the Council demanded that all parties to armed conflict immediately end such practices. It further demanded that all parties comply fully with their obligations under international humanitarian law....

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman promises economic assistance to Yemen's Houthis for ceasefire

The New Arab 28 Apr 2021
Saudi Arabia remains ready to provide economic assistance to Yemen's Houthi rebels should they agree to a ceasefire and negotiations, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in a Tuesday TV interview ... Can European arms companies be held liable for war crimes in Yemen?....

Yemeni New Yorkers react to Trump's travel ban

CBS News 28 Apr 2021
Yemen-born filmmaker Faiza Almontaser and her ......

Boris Johnson’s new ethics adviser works for arms company

Open Democracy 28 Apr 2021
... to war crimes in Yemen ... A court ruled that UK sales to the repressive regime were unlawful, saying the government had made no attempt to assess “whether the Saudi-led coalition had committed violations of international humanitarian law in the past, during the Yemen conflict”....

Full Transcript: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman interview with Saudi journalist Abdullah Al-Mudaifer

Arab News 28 Apr 2021
Why did you reject that judicial code and adopted the four systems including the personal status law? ... No country would accept to have militias at their borders, or an armed group that operates outside of the law at its borders, this is not acceptable, neither for Saudi Arabia nor for the countries of the region, and it’s also unacceptable in Yemen....

Emi Palmor: Israeli watchdog for free speech on Facebook

The Jerusalem Post 28 Apr 2021
The Board uses Facebook’s rules as its lawbook to make rulings on whether to uphold or overturn the network’s own rulings ... They come from around the world, from Kenya to Australia, from Yemen to Colombia, from Indonesia to Hungary, and four members are from the US. Their backgrounds are in law, human rights, journalism and politics ... ....

Arab coalition destroys Houthi drone targeting southern Saudi Arabia

Arab News 23 Apr 2021
... had said it will take all measures to protect civilians in accordance with international law....